Why An Online Business Is Key To Your Ultimate Life!

Why are you wanting to start an online business? Is it financial, location or time freedom, the ability to work from home or remotely or to earn multiple income streams?

Whether you’re looking into starting an online business or already have an online business set up; understanding the power of this ‘locked in’ super power is fundamental to your online success and unlocking the life you deserve.

    Hi, I’m Lecia and that’s my hubby, Andrew with me. We love being in nature and feeling free, so personally for us, the freedom that an online business offers was our reason why we wanted to earn online and live with fewer limitations and the freedom to travel whilst carrying our businesses with us inside our laptop.

    I’ve spent most of my life feeling anything but free, working hard and feeling trapped within 4 walls. Once I left school, I went on to study for 6 years and then started working. There was little time for really living; I mostly just worked, worked, worked, paying off student loans and then paying off all the bills which seem to accumulate quickly. The same went for Andrew, who worked from 15 and did hard graft his whole life.

    Online Business Opportunities

    When we discovered online business we were blown away by the opportunities it offered.

    Personally, when we realised that online you have the ability to create multiple income streams on autopilot, we literally thought it was too good to be true because we were used to exchanging our time for money and our ultimate life was just feeling more out of reach by the day. Since starting this journey of online discovery, we’ve worked out a few valuable insights and would like to share this with you.

    Imagine if you had an actual ‘Superpower’ locked within you, that you never even realised was there and that could literally change your life overnight if you knew how to set it free! If someone gave you the key to set this power free, would you use it?

    You actually do have a ‘locked in’ superpower right now, not only within your online business but within you. It has the power to change your outcomes dramatically but you hold the key to unlock the potential it can offer you. So let’s jump in…

    Leverage: Catapult Success & Create Your Ultimate Life

    Perhaps like me, you’ve heard the word ‘leverage’ bandied around by your financial friends and have an idea of what it implies; but did you know that this incredible ‘power’ has been seriously under-estimated because not only does it have mind-blowing implications in terms of wealth creation, it also has massive potential to bolster performance, and magnify the impact of your actions, resources and capabilities leading to greater results achieved in a fraction of the time.

    Our initial journey into online business can be likened to arriving in an unknown land without a map, or guide and unable to speak the language. I’d like to share with you, how, through finding the right information and the right people, we were able to drastically speed up the ‘setting up and launching’ of our online automated business to earn on autopilot from anywhere, no matter where we are in the world.

    How I Discovered the Power of Leverage

    I stumbled across the power of leverage after learning about why the wealthy use this ‘strategy’ in order to minimise risk, increase profit, reduce tax and so forth. I couldn’t understand why we’d never been taught about this in school because it’s so fundamental to wealthy money flows. Bare with me as I share my journey up until now and why I feel everyone should know about leverage and how to use it.

    I spent years working really hard in various different job/career sectors. I was a trainer in the corporate sector, saw patients in the private sector, was a business owner in retail and lastly owned a culinary experience venue. All the long hours, physical and mental stress took a toll on me resulting in me waking up one morning, unable to walk. I was working so hard for money but it wasn’t working for me!

    Eventually after losing everything I’d worked so hard for, I realised there had to be a better way of earning which wasn’t vulnerable to external factors.

    Starting an online business seemed like a smart way of escaping the traditional business model, which had so often made me feel totally trapped inside 4 walls. 

    I figured that online business was a low cost setup, and yes, compared to traditional business, it totally is! On the surface it didn’t seem too hard to be able to start. I reasoned that if our business was online, that we could effectively work from anywhere as long as we had a laptop and access to wifi; so I set about trying to figure it out.

    The Challenges

    After struggling for over two years, and figuring very little out, I had to admit, that I needed help. I’d arrived in this foreign online land, trying to understand how things are done, thinking it would be the same as offline business which isn’t the case at all. So I enrolled in an Online Business Course, thinking that I’d learn everything I’d need to know. This assumption was wrong again.

    The course was all theory, with no practical guidance as to ‘how’ to set up an online business , never mind how to market online so that potential customers could actually find our business in amongst all the online choice. 

    I was feeling frustrated because of wasted time and worried because I hadn’t earned a cent online. Desperation started to set in and I wondered if I should just give up on the dream of living location, time and financially free and just settle again for exchanging my time for money; so that I could at least start contributing to our household income.

    Literally as I’d started to look for work online, I came across the answer I’d been searching for! An interactive, educational online business training program led by successful online entrepreneurs to show me the practical steps of setting up and sustaining an online automated business. This changed everything! 

    Since discovering this training program and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs also learning about online business, I’ve unlocked the power of leverage and it’s accelerated our online business journey substantially. 

    In fact, did you know that studies show that you will achieve the outcomes you’re aiming for, 5 times quicker, simpler and safer when working in a group. This is the super power of leverage!

    I’ve experienced this for myself and I agree with the study results. You too can turbo charge your online business set up and long-term success by intentionally utilising this underestimated super power of leverage if you understand the basic principles of how it works.

    What is Leverage?

    Firstly, to understand what leverage is, we need to know how a lever works. Please bare with me because this is critical to understanding the dynamics of how this power works and therefore how to apply it and upscale your prosperity in every realm of your life!

    A lever is a simple machine used to amplify physical force. In other words, a lever is used to enhance an outcome by making the process easier and adding strength to the outcome!

    A basic example of a lever is a bottle opener but you can find levers everywhere. Levers improve the efficiency by which things get done. 

    There are 3 basic elements involved in leverage: the Load (L), the fulcrum (F) or balancing point/pivot and lastly the Energy (E) or Applied Force.

    We’re not here for a lesson in physics but let’s consider this:

    All matter follows scientific laws hence we can surmise that all manifestation comes into being from applications of physics!

    Matter? Yes, that’s you, me, our entire material world, nature, houses, cars, jewellery, books, food…yes all those beautiful things you can see, touch, taste and feel as well as those things which are invisible but showing up materially like the internet, the digits in our bank accounts, and so on!

    Understandably, you’re probably wondering how understanding the laws of physics will improve your daily experience of life and have an impact on how successful you are in business?

    Stick with me, as I reveal how you can harness this free super power, to catapult you into the stratosphere of success and beyond.

    How Leverage Directly Affects Success!

    Ultimately, ‘leverage’ makes the ‘heavy lifting’ easier, by allowing for reduced effort to be used and increasing the speed by which a goal is achieved!

    You see, back in the days before ‘Marketing’ was a thing and we’d bought into the concept of having to ‘spend money to make money’, people used leverage in the form of community networking, word of mouth, skill share, bartering, to name a few ways to grow their businesses, which were mostly in the form of brick and mortar traditional businesses or services.

    Today we have the internet available to us, which allows us to leverage globally.

    When I connected with other online entrepreneurs, who were also learning how to properly start, grow and sustain their online businesses, we were able to help each other and achieve our goals even quicker.

    You see, we all have a ‘load’, which in this scenario is our individual businesses and we’ve used our accumulative knowledge and skills  or ‘energy’ of the group to help us ‘launch’ that load and move our businesses forward more efficiently! This is leverage and honestly it is the best thing ever when you use it intentionally.  

    Unintentional Leverage

    I’ve used leverage unintentionally a few times, to purchase property, and to start businesses from scratch among others.

    With the first business I bought at 24, I leveraged my skills to buy it because I was still a student at the time and I had no money. I sold that business 3 years later making a decent profit. 

    The second time I used leverage for business purposes, I utilised the power of imagination. Armed with a piece of paper with a few pictures printed on it,  my business partner and I managed to share our vision with various kitchen appliance suppliers and designers and within a few weeks had secured a state-of-the art professionally designed and custom crafted kitchen as well as brand new, kitchen appliances. (Our Food Studio 2017 below with chefs)

    Both times, I had started these businesses with no money at all! Going totally against the commonly accepted phrase of ‘needing money to make money!’ However with the second business, I’d utilised leverage with no discernment, ignoring the danger signs at the time, I still went ahead, resulting in me losing everything within 2 years.

    Hindsight is a real pain but it brings with it powerful learning!

    It was only until very recently that it dawned on me that I had already used leverage in my life, but in an unintentional and therefore unoptimised manner.

    The Scales of Leverage – Keeping the Balance

    Remember leverage involves a fulcrum or balance point, so it’s important to consider that there’s a give and take. Yes, it’s about making life easier but everyone putting in the energy to lift the loads should all benefit equally.

    From my experience, you’ll get out what you put in; those who don’t really get involved as fully as others, just don’t get as much out of the process.

    Benefits of Leverage

    1. Time

    When you learn how to leverage your community, whether that be your fellow entrepreneurs, your family members or friends, you’ll find yourself saving so much time. 

    2. Wealth – when you leverage other people’s money, when purchasing assets.

    3. Skills – when you share skills with other entrepreneurs who have similar interests as you do, then you’d be amazed at what skills you can learn, with minimum effort. You’re helping others with your knowledge and they’re helping you. 

    4. Energy – it’s phenomenal how much energy you can gain by harnessing the power of leverage. If you consider that you’re lightening the load, by accessing others or systems in a way to move something in a positive direction which is beneficial to you, then what’s left is more energy.

    5. Connectivity – this is something you should never underestimate. Working alongside other entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey to you can be a great way to share successes, motivation and challenges. 

    6. Productivity – The momentum gained from working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs is very powerful and often powerful business links can be made. 

    7. Happiness – yes, last but not least…

    I’ve made meaningful new friendships with like-minded, like hearted entrepreneurs who are determined, resourceful and pro-active. 

    Leverage – Harnessed Intentionally Gives Exponential Returns

    When you harness the power of leverage intentionally by offering your services, skills, knowledge or expertise with the intention of assisting others, then everyone gains. Put yourself out there, give of your self to help someone with their load, and you’ll be amazed at what comes back to you when you least expect it.

    There are so many imaginative ways of harnessing leverage when starting a business from scratch. The key is to learn how to sustain that leverage and keep leveraging as your business grows. You need to re-invest the ‘profits’ of that leveraged energy in order to create long-term sustainable success.

    Whether you’re intentionally leveraging your mentors or entrepreneurial community, or systems like autoresponders and Ai, remember that leverage is most powerful when working with others.

    Turn Your ‘Why’ Into Your Ultimate Life

    Don’t wait, the sky is not your limit!

    Come on, let’s leverage and propel ourselves and others to the stars! Your online business is the key to unlocking the life you dream of. If you’d like to learn more then click the big blue button below to access a free video training series on how to get started creating your new reality.